for saxophone quartet

duration: 9’30”

In its most superficial form, the structure of the piece consists of foregrounding (in each of the Limitation movements) the solo part of a given saxophone against the background of the accompaniment. The finale (the penultimate movement) is the conclusion of the whole, which is also the starting material for the entire work. It contains a 1:1 juxtaposition of all solo parts from the first three movements and the last one into one whole. These parts have been appropriately constructed (e.g. by choice of tempo) so that in both cases they resound at the same time. Apart from the ambiguity of the title, the number 4 is also significant. It is emphasized both in the cast, the predominant perspective of metric notation, but also in the number of the work’s movements, which may seem unobvious until, in the course of the musical course, one notices (welcome!) that one of the five movements in total is… The superstructure, the aforementioned conclusion, and the key to understanding the others.

History of performances
19.06.2020 – The Concert Hall of the Academy of Music in Warsaw – Performer: The Whoop Group

Second Prize at the International Composition Competition GENERACE 2021
Finalist at the 61st Tadeusz Baird National Competition for Young Composers

Other compositions